Do you ever feel like a gerbil on a wheel, using lots of energy but getting nowhere?

Mystics through the ages have told us that we are made of love and for love; that loving each other is inseparable from loving God. Yet our families are breaking up in record numbers, workplaces can be toxic and life-draining, and there is no sign of peace in the world.

Human beings are more complex, and the body is more intelligent than we have suspected before. In this age of increasing energy awareness, when the frontiers of science and spirituality are beginning to blur, we have learned how to create lasting, loving relationships. The answers are  surprisingly simple, yet the transformation is not easy.

My commitment to you as a coach is that I will support and guide you along that path of transformation. If you work with me for just 6 sessions, I guarantee you will be off the gerbil wheel and experience greater joy and freedom in your relationships. Or your money back.


B.A., Sociology, Middlebury College, VT
RME (Relationship and Marriage Educator)
CRC (Certified Relationship Coach)
CEIC (Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach)
EHP (Energy Health Practitioner: Reiki Level 2, Emotional Release Sound Therapy)

Coaching Services

  • Healthy self-growth for healthy relationships
  • Building strong couple relationships for pre-committed, committed, and married couples
  • Marriage preparation for engaged couples
  • Building strong business relationships (for executives, managers, and work teams)

My Style

Informed: I bring you credible research, scientifically validated instruments, and relationship skills with evidence of effectiveness.

Soulful: I invite you to connect to universal values and truths.

Pragmatic: I keep it simple, real, and effective.

Intuitive: I listen to both your gut and mine.

Creative: I embrace mystery and paradox, and the art and spontaneity of living well.

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