oliver wendell holmes
“The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.”
– Oliver Wendell Holmes

Most of us understand that great relationships do not just happen.

We know that marriages and parenting take real work and dedication. Yet we are rarely taught the essential skills that are the foundation of truly successful relationships.

Coaching bridges that gap between where you are now and where you want or need to be. It’s different from counseling, as the video below explains.

Smart Relationships Coaching is strength-focused and skill-based. It uses the latest insights from science to help you achieve quick and dramatic change.

What does that mean?

  • I teach you how to deliberately create positive, successful, joyful relationships.
  • We don’t focus on what’s not working. There is no tearful rehashing of conflict.
  • You will learn how to communicate effectively and with empathy.
  • You will discover the big rocks to avoid.
  • You will finally understand why things go wrong, and how to consistently make them go right!

Smart Relationships Coaching is action-oriented.

  • This is not talk therapy. We will not be rehashing the past.  Our sole focus will be on achieving the relationship you want to have.
  • The process is relatively painless, and it is highly effective. It is guy friendly, and both of you will feel supported!
  • I guarantee you will see your relationship improve, or your money back!
Smart Relationships Coaching provides greater focus, awareness, choice, support, and accountability to get you where you want to go in your relationship with your life partner.

Coaching Services

  • Couple Checkup – $35
    This on-line assessment will give you a real time look at how your relationship is doing. Comes with built-in discussion guide for the two of you to use in exploring areas where you could benefit from higher agreement. Learn more and purchase the Couple Checkup here.
  • Fan the Flames coaching six-pack – $420
    This highly interactive, six session program is designed to get you feeling closer and more connected than ever! You’ll receive tons of tools to use to keep the relationship feeling close and loving, just like the early dating days. Each one hour session is completed at my office, and homework is assigned between sessions. I guarantee results, or your money back! Skype coaching is also available for those outside of the Green Bay area. Use the contact form below to set up a free 30-minute consultation to see if coaching is right for you!
  • Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile – $35
    This on-line assessment will give you an in-depth look at your own self-development. The report comes with detailed descriptions of each of the 26 competencies. You will learn the definition of each competency, what behaviors are associated with those who are highly competent, behaviors associated with those who lack the competence, and development tips for anyone wanting to grow in that competency. Each person can take their own SEIP, and discuss the results together. Learn more and purchase the SEIP here.
  • Family 1/2 day private workshop – $575
    This weekend workshop will take you and your teenage children through a comprehensive introduction to the topic of emotional intelligence. The session includes practicing empathetic communication, quick methods for self-calming, and daily steps for increasing S+EI. I also  present information from brain research intended to discourage suicide and risk-taking behaviors. Includes up to 5 SEI profiles, available in youth and adult versions. Invite another family to do it with you, and you each pay only $460! Available to a maximum of three families for $400 each. Please use the contact form below to set up a phone call and see if this workshop is a good choice for you!
  • A la carte coaching – $100 per session
    Would you like some coaching to follow up on the assessments above? Want to come and get some support for a single issue? Please use the contact form below to set up a phone call and see if a session or two is a good choice for you!

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