Smart Relationships is a dba name of the Foundation for a Great Marriage, Inc., a non-profit organization headquartered in the ‘cheesehead’ capitol of Green Bay, WI. Susan is Green Bay’s only certified emotional intelligence coach. Susan and staff are also couple coaches. Our calling is to help you achieve your highest potential in both business and personal relationships. Success in life, however you define it, is 80% related to emotional intelligence, and only 20% to IQ.


At our core, human beings are relational.

We have an innate need for positive, loving connections with others. We’re not meant to survive alone, let alone thrive. But positive, connected relationships don’t just happen automatically.  From dating to marriage, parenting to the workforce, community activities to global politics, experiencing healthy relationships is a matter of learning and using the skills to succeed.

Anyone can learn how to have great relationships. There’s a lot of information out there, and a lot of loosely formed opinion. We bring you only what is proven, effective, and credible - using the latest insights from quantum physics, brain research, and social science. We work to save you the hassle of sorting out the bad from the good information, so you can achieve your relationship goals quickly.


  • PUBLISH research-based information about healthy relationships through our blog, newsletter, Facebook, and Twitter
  • TEACH people the daily practice of healthy relationships through what we call “micro relationship education” using those four publishing channels
  • COACH individuals, couples, and work teams to grow in the key factor for success: social/emotional intelligence
  • SPEAK to groups about emotional intelligence, healthy relationships and marriage, trends affecting the family, and the science of powerfully positive relationships
  • COLLABORATE with like-minded organizations who share our passion for a better world through vibrant human relationships


  • Help people become emotionally and relationally intelligent
  • Help people form satisfying and vibrant relationships
  • Help people identify destructive relationships
  • Help people recover from failed relationships and develop new, healthier patterns
  • Uphold marriage as the ultimate expression of couple commitment, and the gold standard for children and society


In May of 2005 we started operations as ThinkMarriage.org. Since then, more than 14,000 teens, individuals, and couples have participated in our healthy relationship programs. We changed our brand to Smart Relationships in 2011 to better reflect the universal applicability of the skills and information we offer.


Susan head shot

Susan Dutton is the founder and president of Smart Relationships. A graduate of Canadian Academy of Kobe, Japan, and Middlebury College (VT), her career highlights include a decade with semi-conductor giant Intel Corporation, and founder/CEO of Dutton Consulting, a strategic planning firm.

Susan has been an invited speaker at national and international conferences. She is a writer, Emotional Intelligence coach, and Relationship coach. Her personal interests include energy health, poetry, songwriting, playing guitar, Aikido, prayer and meditation, reading, puzzles, food and wine, and enjoying her own personal and family relationships as much as possible! She has three beautiful children, two black cats in minuscolo and grande sizes, and a wonderful relationship.

Contact us.

1496 Bellevue Street, Suite 502, Green Bay, WI 54311.  920-430-7300


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