Albert Einstein during a lecture in Vienna in 1921

Today’s #Positive #Interaction is a good test of whether you’ve been listening to your honey. Do you know of anything they want to learn about? What have you heard them mention lately? Gardening? Computers? Music? Einstein’s theory of relativity?

We can get instant gratification of our curiosity, thanks to the Internet. Search engine based learning can be fairly superficial though. One way to make a positive investment in your relationship is arrange to take a class together in a subject of interest to your mate. Taking a class in that subject will show that you can put aside your own interests for theirs, and that you are creating ways to connect. When you take the class, you may be pleasantly surprised to enjoy learning something yourself. You will also create an opportunity to interact with your spouse while they are energized and enthused.

At the very least, you will gain an insight into your partner as a separate person with their own valid interests. At best, you may find a whole new arena in which you enjoy relating to one another. This is an especially good couple builder for those who have recently become empty nesters, but it’s good for a couple of any age.


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  2. Nicole says:

    This is an excellent way to keep things fresh and new, exploring things together is about being true friends and companions. Zig Ziglar says something like it is better to be green and growing rather than the alternative.

    Something my husband and I do each day, is ask “what is one thing I can do for you, today?”. It is usually simple tasks like call . . ., arrange a dinner with . . .friends, unload dishwasher or pick up dry cleaning. Then all day we take the opportunity to think of each other by doing that task.

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