EQ for Business

We work with businesses to help assess and improve team Social + Emotional Intelligence, a key factor in success!

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Family Life Coaching

Personal service from Susan is available for individuals, couples, and families.

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The Empathy Project

A lesson plan developed to introduce elementary students to an important social skill.

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Join Our Meetup!

Join us at the Green Bay Area Emotional Intelligence Network.Learn more

Journey Through Paradox

Do you enjoy pondering the paradoxes of life? Do you find wisdom in embracing the tension of opposites? This beautiful e-book contains pictures from around the world, and 30 paradoxes of life.

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Susan has been described as "great", "enthusiastic", "cerebral", and "inspiring". Topics she speaks about are...

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Take the Couple Checkup!

Research validated. It will give you a map of your relationship today, for dating, engaged, or married couples! Get started...

Looking for ThinkMarriage.org?

You've found our new home! We're still pursuing our fabulous mission to strengthen relationships.

Wondering About the Future of Our Families?

We are living in a new "Age of Anxiety". Dramatic changes are reshaping our social landscape and we are feeling unsettled. Read more....

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